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Lately I've been out to eat a couple of times with my friends. The University term is coming to an end, exams and assignments are over...for a while. To celebrate/ for a break from revision and work, my friends and I have been out to eat.

The first place I went out to eat this week was actually my friends house!!! She cooked delicious chicken thighs with Moroccan couscous. It was so tasty and I've never eaten anything like it so it was really good to try something new. She cooked it so well, with crispy skin on the chicken thighs, light couscous with vegetables, a delicious sauce and meatballs.

The second place I went was to a cafe, the original plan was to 'just' go for coffee, but the menu was too tempting and we ended up ordering scones with clotted cream and jam too, but it was a close call between that and the cakes.

Friends from my course and I went to a restaurant to celebrate the end of our lectures and the end of the year/ the end of University (almost) I had sweet potato, chili and creme fraiche soup for starter and rare steak on a bed of beans with vine tomatoes and fries for main. The steak was cooked perfectly! I always thought that I preferred thin steak but this changed my mind completely!

Now, I didn't technically go out to eat this meal...just 'out' into the garden but I thought I'd include it. I made piri piri chicken breast (from Tesco with the skin still on...which is my fave part!) I also added some more herbs, spices and sauce, with broccoli and sweet potato mash. Yum!

And finally, last but not least, today it has been so beautiful and sunny so my friends and I went for a walk by the river, followed by ice cream (Toffee fudge) Delicious!

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