The Post-Relationship Glow


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The stages that come after a breakup are all too real. I recently told my friend that I could NEVER go through a breakup ever again- it hurts too much, it feels like literally THE WORST thing in the world, you think no one could ever understand what you're going through and all you can do is cry. People tell you it will get better and promise you that you will find someone else, but you don't want anyone else. At that point, your heart is broken, you feel you could never love again. You're essentially mourning the loss of the future you had planned together and not having this person in your life anymore. As painful as it may be, this sad stage is important but believe me, it gets better, much better.

Next comes the 'happy realisations' stage- suddenly all those horrible things about the relationship are gone! You feel stronger knowing that you went through all the pain that you thought would break you, and you came through the other side. It sounds so cliché but you find yourself again, you get to know yourself again, what YOU like to do, eat, watch, read, where you like to go, the type of people you like to hang out with...Sometimes we get so absorbed in a relationship that we sort of lose ourselves- we forget to think of ourselves and treat ourselves. When you're on your own again, you feel like you've finally got yourself back again, we can embrace that head on- Treat yo' self, you deserve it! He was an absolute f****** b****** t*** d***head c*** (naturally).

Particularly if it was a serious relationship, the sense of freedom you feel after it is so REAL. I see my friends texting their other halves when we're out, letting them know where they are, what they're doing, who they're talking to...and I think YESSS, I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore!!

When you break up with someone you loved, who at one point you thought you would spend your life with, it's a massive thing in your life, you're bound to be sad but after that comes the sun rise. You glow, you're stronger, you're proud of yourself for what you got yourself through, you don't need him because you are you - what more could you want?

LOVE YOURSELF, you deserve it! <3

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