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Bulgaria is like my second home, I spent every Summer here since the age of 8. It's only during the past few years that I have really appreciated the beauty of the country. I am in love with the food, beaches and culture, I just can't get enough of it.

As soon as we arrived in Sozopol, we headed to a hidden restaurant, called Yanka just round the corner. Nestled on the cliff edge and home to some incredible views. It's so well hidden that you'd only know it was there if you'd been before...and believe me we have....many times!

The restaurant leads to a little almost-private beach, which is perfect for either a 'post' or 'pre'-food dip, or both!

This was the view from out table. Wanderlust!

I had waited almost a year for Shopska salad, my absolute favourite! It's very similar to a Greek salad; cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion, parsley and cover in Bulgarian white cheese which is made with sheeps milk. It's so creamy, salty and delicious.

Of course, we ordered some chips as well. They go so well with the salad and naturally in Bulgaria, they're also topped with their famous yummy cheese.

Last but not least, we ordered fried courgettes, which were cut into fine slices, dipped in a light batter and fried. Served with a delicious cool, garlic and dill dipping sauce which was absolutely amazing.

We also ordered a porcini mushroom risotto, which you can see in the far corner. For some reason (I think it was due to the excitement of being about to eat), I didn't take a close-up of the risotto.

We also headed back to Yanka a week later for some more food.

Of course we went for the fried courgettes again.

You can see, that I was a bit late with the photo but as the food was brought out at different times, it wasn't really possible to get a picture of it all together, so this is the best I could do haha.

I have also vlogged the whole trip over on my YouTube channel so be sure to check it out :) (Link below- just click)
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  1. great post! :)
    I fell in love wtih Bulgaria when i watched Kristian Kostov on Eurovision hahaha :D

    Check out my blog Starshine Beauty


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