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On our first day in Bulgaria, it was cloudy. #heartbroken But we made the most of the cooler weather and headed to the closest beach for a look around.

It's funny to see such modern features as wooden steps because although they may look worn and as if they've been there for years and years, they are very much new. Gone are the days of scrambling down the cliff edge and coming home with cuts and scuffs all over our legs.
I even remember a certain beach which had a rope tied to a tree in an abseiling fashion, in order to get down onto the beach. I have no idea how you were supposed to get back up on the other hand.

This is the beach that we would come to when we were young and jump off the rock on the far right of the picture, into the sea.
Last year, I was horrified to see a snake at home on that rock. So...that was kind of traumatizing...

Although I love the sun and was in desperate need of some vitamin D on my pale, sun-lacking skin, it was nice to have an explore around the cliffs whilst the weather was a bit cooler.

I also vlogged the whole trip over on my YouTube channel, as well as MANY other videos. Be sure to check it out, I'll love you foreverrrrr <3 (just click the link below)
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