San Jean de Luz


We woke on a gloriously sunny day and decided to head to San Jean de Luz. Ian and I hopped on a bus and stopped in the nearby village to find that we had an hour wait for the connecting bus so we strolled over to the beach; picking up a coffee and croissant on the way and had breakfast on the beach whilst waiting....I've had worse waits!

When it was almost time, we walked back to the bus stop and caught our second bus all the way to San Jean de Luz. Everyone must have had the same idea because when we pulled into the town center almost the whole bus got off. Most people headed straight for the beach but we chose to go and explore the town center first and found that it was market day!

We walked around the outdoor market stalls and also went inside to explore all the goodies!

Vibrant colours and smells of fresh fruits and homemade dishes competed for our attention, we grabbed some fruit to munch as we walked then headed over to the cheese counter.

We each chose a quiche for lunch, followed by a creme caramel.

...then headed to the beach to eat it ^.^

The beach was beautiful, the sun beat down but the accompanying breeze and cooling sea made it idyllic.

After a few swims, sunbathing, reading and a little snooze, we headed back into the town, through streets drenched in the suns harsh glow, in search of ice cream! I chose Hazlenut flavour which was deliciously decadent and Ian went for a passion fruit sorbet which I admit, I was very jealous of!

Where was the last place you visited for the first time? Did you like it? :)


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  1. Looks like you had a great time. I adore going to markets when I travel, actually I even like visiting supermarkets when I travel, I find it so interesting to see the different types of food etc that is available in different countries :) The last place I visited for the first time was in Oahu on my recent holiday when we hired a car and discovered local places we had never seen before.

    1. Ahh same!!
      I just read your blog post about Oahu, it looks incredible!<3

  2. It seems like you had an amazing day! All those photos are just summer goals & those food!!! Hazelnut icecream made me drool :) xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  3. Amazing photos. It definitely looked like you had an amazing time. I think it is so cool that blogging can connect so many different people around the world. I don't live where you live but with blogging I can see what it is like there without even going, and I think that is the coolest thing ever!! x Liddy

  4. San Jean de Luz looks so lovely, I've never heard about this place! Getting ice cream after the beach is always the best :)

    1. I hadn't either, before I visited, now I want to go back! :D And yes, ice cream's always a good call <3


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