This week Ian and I decided to head to Bayonne, a cute nearby city which is also in the Basque country of France. We hopped on our usual bus outside the campsite and headed to our 'go-to' cafe to pick up some breakfast then strolled to the beach to eat it whilst waiting for our connecting bus to Bayonne.

Ian chose a pain au raisin, which he almost ate entirely before I even had chance to get my camera out! I went for a pain au chocolat :)

After eating our breakfast, we caught our last bus of the journey to Bayonne which took about 30 minutes.

I love going to new cities without knowing anything about them, just exploring and going wherever you fancy... like this tunnel!

There was an incredible, gothic cathedral!

We carried on walking and spent an average of 0.63 seconds deciding which street to walk down whenever we came to a turning.

We definitely must have made the right decisions because we stumbled upon some amazing places...either that, or everywhere in Bayonne is beautiful ^.^

We crossed over the river in search of lunch as we were aware time was ticking and restaurants would soon be closing their kitchens.

We settled on this restaurant and chose a table overlooking the river.

We both went for the Menu of the day (I totes recommend going for this whenever possible- you get a starter, main and dessert for about €15 which is great value and all the dishes will be cooked fresh and are normally really tasty!)

For the starter we shared a melon salad and meat selection.

The melon was so juicy, although for a melon 'salad' I would have expected a few different types of melon but maybe it was because we were one of the last lunch customers so they'd ran out? ...who knows.

For our main course we had steak with dauphinoise potatoes and a side salad.

The steak was generously seasoned (much to my liking as I do love my seasonings) the dauphinoise potatoes were incredible, I could have eaten a whole plate of them alone!! The side salad was...there.

For dessert we were promised fruit salad but they must have ran out fairly quickly because people were being served fromage blanc instead (defo not my fave!) But, amazingly, when it was our turn, we were given Basque cake!!! Something which neither of us had tried yet.

our verdict...

To be honest, I was so full that I couldn't finish all of the cake but Ian gladly volunteered to polish it off for me.

After lunch we strolled round Bayonne a bit more, calling into the many shops along the way and admiring the beautiful buildings.

After a while we stopped for a drink and coffee and coconut smoothie with a lemon meringue pie to be precise :D

The lemon meringue pie was amazing!!!! (Although it was a bit annoying that they served it with plastic forks instead of metal ones, especially as the people sitting right next to us had normal ones!) But the pie itself was incredible <3

The drinks were...not! For a smoothie I expected a thick, creamy milky consistency but I literally saw them mix water, ice and coconut flavoured syrup to make it!!! I don't drink coffee but Ian said his drink was horrible too. Ew!

All together, we had an amazing day and fully enjoyed everything of what Bayonne had to offer :)

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  1. France is so beautiful :) Love the photos!

  2. France is so beautiful :) Love the photos!

  3. It looks so beautiful, makes me want to travel more! Great photos, great post!


    1. Thank you Amber, yes you definitely should! :) X

  4. France is so beautiful! I haven't been able to visit that part yet. The rest of France is just as pretty. :) Want to support each others blogs? Follow and Comment on my blog if you do! I will follow you back ASAP :)

  5. It seems like a cute and lovely place...
    Greet photos

  6. Seeing this photos, I can tell that this city is a must if you are nearby...
    Definitely want to visit it one day...

  7. Love the photos.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest VLOG


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