Top Tips for When You're Sick


It seems that almost everyone is ill right now. You may think I'm being dramatic but seriously, look around and you will see quite literally every single person equipped with a trusty tissue in their hand, sporting the seasons finest red nose and puffy eyes combo!

I'm ill...again! I was poorly during the Christmas holidays, then again when I got back to uni, I think I had about a 1 week break and now I'm ill again. Arghhhh!!!! So after, my extensive experience being ill and my incredible ability to pick up illnesses effortlessly it seems, I am now obviously an expert and should therefore write a blog post to help the rest of the world who are also suffering right now.

1.) Lemon and Ginger Tea

Not the type from a teabag. Put a few slices of lemon in a cup along with a couple slices of ginger and pour boiling water into it, then leave it to infuse until its the right temperature to drink. If you prefer it sweeter, you can also add some honey- which is also good for a sore throat. Lemon and ginger are great for boosting the immune system because they're naturally high in antioxidants. These ingredients have been proven to ease symptoms of flu and colds due to their natural medicinal properties. It's also really good for you in general and tastes delicious!

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2.) Have a Bath

Try to keep the steam from the hot water in the room as it will help with your breathing and unblock your sinuses. Breathe deeply. The bath will relax you, ease your muscles and de-congest your nose and sinuses. Take some time out to just lie in the bath, let your mind wonder or read a book. Sometimes when you get ill, it's your body's way of telling you that you need to slow down and take a break, a relaxing bath is the perfect way to do that.

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3.) Drink LOTS of water
Try to flush out the illness from your body and stay hydrated to prevent yourself from feeling any worse.

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4.) Get Fresh Air

Have you ever found that your blocked nose instantly clears up when you go outside? The stuffiness and stale air of being inside doesn't help at all. Go outside for a walk to blow those cobwebs away and clear your sinuses with fresh, crisp air.

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5.) Sleep

Your body repairs itself as you sleep so make sure you get some extra sleep when you're ill so that your body can fight it and you get better quicker. (Yey, we now all have a very valid excuse to get back into bed hehe!!)

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And with that, I am off to bed :) Wake me up when I'm feeling better! 
What do you do when you're ill?



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  1. No probs, I know exactly how you feel hahaa, I'm currently sat in bed surrounded by a mountain of tissues...and uni work :/
    Hope you get better soon!! <3

  2. Sleep and water is the best remedy! For me changing bed sheets and having a good night sleep is a key to good day/week! xx

    1. I agree :) There's nothing better than getting into fresh bed sheets <3

  3. Lemon tea is always a fave when I'm feeling ill. Great tips x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  4. I want to take a bath with that many candles. I think anyone would feel better after that =)

  5. In work feeling crappy today!!! I need to go take a bath and relax xx

    1. Aww no, hope you feel better soon! At least you can look forward to coming home and having a bath :) X

  6. Fresh air is always good, and taking a bath always feels so nice! xx Adaleta Avdic

  7. These are such good tips! I feel like most people don't get enough rest when they're feeling under the weather even though it's the key to feeling better. Also Lemon and Ginger Tea is one of my faves as it is so that's good!

    x Annabelle


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