Perfect Autumn day


Last weekend, Ian and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous Autumn weather; gloriously coloured, crunchy leaves, the warm sun and refreshing, cool breeze. We headed to the nearest park and were not disappointed by the welcome.
Majestic golden trees swayed in the wind and scattered their leaves before us; creating a beautiful, gold, crunchy footpath which we were more than happy to trot along.

Until we eventually came to the lake, where we picked our boat and hopped in!

Ian, of course was in full control of the rowing!

 It was the perfect day! The sun was shining and the trees were practically glowing and bursting with colour.

                                                    Willow trees are my favourite.

We brought along a little snack; some baklavas which we bought the day before and munched them whilst taking it in turns to point out more beautiful views.

This scary Canada goose wanted to join in on the picnic...I got scared and Ian had to row faster until we lost him haha!!

We went on a nice, little row around the two islands, which took about an hour.

There was only one other couple in a boat on the whole lake which meant we practically had the whole place to ourselves and could bob along in our boat wherever we wanted without crashing into other novice rowers.

Look at this mystical little cove and temple hiding behind the tree!

 After our trip, we strolled back through the park and went home for some lunch and to watch a movie...the perfect Autumn day! ^.^

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