Paris Christmas Markets


Ian and I decided to head to the Christmas Markets at La Defense which is business HQ as far as Paris is concerned. I'd never been there before and Ian had told me about the skyscraper buildings and modernized surroundings, such an alien land plonked in Paris.
As always, we took the metro from Bastille

As soon as we emerged from the underground depths of the metro, we saw this monster!!

How extremely un-Parisian pfft...

It's actually nice to have a break from 'typical' Paris, just like any big city, sometimes it feels like it just swallows you up and you become so engulfed that you forget to appreciate its' beauty, a break away is enough to make you open your eyes again. We stood and appreciated the beauty of this futuristic business hub.

Then we headed on into the markets. I was so excited about the cute little donkeys, but they were more interested in their food being prepared :(

Christmas songs played overhead and the wafts of glorious food meandered through the throngs of Christmas huts, drawing us in.

^^^This is cheese, the copper thing pressed on it heats it up until it's melted then its scraped off onto a sandwich ready to enjoy.

Carving some roasted ham

Poor little guy! He looks so sad :(

Father Christmas himself even came along to have a nosey..

There was cheese and chocolate galore

Father Christmas decided to have a little sit down and was bombarded with kids desperate to tell him their Christmas wishes

After exploring the markets, we headed into the big shopping center to admire their decorations.

Then we strolled back home and walked past L'Arc de Triomphe

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  1. The donkeys are so cute! The event looks lovely, so festive and such yummy food! I recently went to the German markets in Birmingham and loved the festive atmosphere! :D so shocking what has happened in Paris, it must bring it home so much when it is happening right where you live :c it must take so much courage to get over such a tragedy xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram :D

    1. Yes it was so nice to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris for a bit, especially with all that's been going on recently. It was so nice and festive and cheered up the mood of the city a lot!
      It's unbelievable what happened and so incredibly sad but the city feels united, strong and supportive of each other which is reassuring X

  2. Love these photos♥

  3. Nice pics, Paris looks lovely this time of year ;)

  4. it looks amazing, i definitely plan to go one day :)

    danielle | avec danielle


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