Tour of Le Marais


Today Ian and I went on a tour of Le Marais which is right next to where we live in Paris. We've wandered around there a few times but never been on an official tour until now. It was so nice to find out more about our local area!

Le Marais is one of my favourite places in Paris, as Paris expanded, this area became to be considered part of Paris city center but initially it was considered to be on the outside. Therefore, it is home to a lot of different cultures, ethnicity's, religions, sexuality's; it's very diverse, open and accepting.
I have to admit that I didn't take photos of absolutely everything...

This is Place des Vosges, my favourite park in Paris!

Victor Hugo used to live at number 6, in one of the houses which surround the park. They were once reserved for Royals and now cost about €10, 000000 each!

Our guide showed us lots of little hidden corners of Le Marais.

Then we headed to the main street.

We were told how, although these houses are old, the facade is not original at all, in fact the home owners stripped the plaster to reveal this affect in order to boost the house prices by showing how 'antique' it is.

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