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On our first day off, Ian, a few friends and I went for a walk to the nearby forest in search of the famous caves where Jewish people hid from the Nazi's. It was surreal to stand in a place where people once hid, terrified. It was a series of elaborate carvings into the stone work, leading onto room after room after room. We didn't explore it all as we were warned it's not stable and could essentially cave in. Instead we wondered as far as we dared before losing view of the light.

We found an old car which had obviously  been burnt back to its' frame many years ago. How or why it got to this resting plate, I don't think I'll ever know.

On the way back we were lucky enough to experience an amazing sunset as the sun burnt out, leaving its' dying embers blazing across the fields.

One night we walked to the nearest village for some yummy French food. So many people had recommended this restaurant, so we invited everyone and all headed there straight after work, chatting all the way whilst our bellies rumbled. We were greeted with French kisses all around then lead to our table. In a flurry of plates, starters landed in front of us, the general consensus was Frogs legs swimming in sauce, snails dripping in garlic butter, duck salad and tomato salad.

I went for the tomato salad (It had been strongly recommended to me beforehand.) I have to admit though, I was quite disappointed, it was just a plate of watery, thinly sliced tomatoes with too much balsamic vinegar. I expected an abundance of roughly chopped tomatoes, all different flavours and colours, sprinkled with seasoning and drizzled with dressing. Had I not been recommended it however, I doubt I would have expected much more.

For our main course, the majority of the table went for Poulet a la creme (Cream chicken) which again, had been highly recommended. It was served like this...

But shortly after, followed three trays full of chips which was somewhat of an unusual way of serving.

My chicken was quite dry and it was clear that the apparent 'secret' ingredient to the cream sauce was just mustard! Had my expectations not been so high, I think I would have enjoyed the food a lot more but the company more than made up for it!

The real shop stopper was the dessert!! Initially, I didn't think that I was even going to order one, until the menu was in front of me and I read 'Chocolate fondant' and I just could NOT resist! It was served with orange sorbet and chantilly cream <3

And just look what happened when I cut into it....

Ian chose creme brulee, which I have to admit, I was envious about because it was AMAZING!!

It wasn't long before our plates looked like this....

...then we walked back with full bellies grinning with glee.

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  1. This food looks deLISH! I love desserts, they are literally my favourite kinda food, ever! Nice post! P.s Love the blog! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

    1. Thank you Lauren :) The bad thing about blogging about food though is that when you're looking back through your pictures you just want to eat it all over again :O Haha!!



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