I'm writing this blog post snuggled up on the sofa in a miserable Murcia, it's raining and to put it lightly, I'm a little bit freezing....So I thought I'd write a blog post about the amazing Valencia which I explored during the weekend.

On Friday morning we walked to the bus station, full of excitement for the up-coming adventures! There was an on-going battle between sun and cloud in the sky, it was a hard match but after the 3 and half hour bus journey it looked as if the sun had the upper hand, just as we eventually arrived into beautiful Valencia! We found our hostel, dumped our bags then headed off to explore our new surroundings.

After a speedy tour and hunt for food, we took a quick break to re-fuel with churros con chocolate and tapas then headed straight into the glorious cathedral.

I love Cathedrals and this one most definitely did not disappoint and treated us to a show of abundant, decadent architecture everywhere you looked.

That night we ate at a little tapas restaurant before losing track of time and rushing back to our hostel in order to restore our energy and sleep, ready for the next day. We woke early-ish to our alarm, got ready then ran downstairs just in time for breakfast, we sipped freshly squeezed orange juice through winced eyes as it was SO sour, thankfully the fluffy lemon bizcocho more than made up for it and set us happily on our way.
First of all, we walked to the football stadium and bought 2 tickets for the match later that day against Almeria, then we strolled though the park in search of the aquarium which I'd been told was amazing. Although it was a long, tiresome walk, the amazing views, beautiful scenery and errr...epic climbing frames, completely took our minds off it and before we knew it, we were there!

I was so excited! I love animals and I just couldn't wait to see all the little cuties. At first I was happily amused by the little fish darting around the massive aquariums without a care in the world.

 But, as we got to see the bigger fish, they all looked so sad and it highlighted how small their enclosures were in comparison to their sizes and what they should be used to in their natural surrounding (the ocean). :(

After our trip to the aquarium we walked back briskly along the gardens in an attempt to stay warm under the quickly disappearing sun. We picked a tasty-looking restaurant then scoffed till our bellies were sufficiently filled.
 Then we headed to the football where a crowd of Valencia supporters relaxed outside, beer in hand before the match. We won 3-2 and the atmosphere was great. I must say that the style of football was very different to anything I've ever seen before...but then again, I'm used to watching Stoke FC!

After the match we practically ran to our favourite churros joint and indulged ourselves before then going on a hunt for a nice restaurant. We settled in a delicious Italian place which was the best choice ever! We ordered meat lasagne and spinach and ricotta tortellini in a tomato sauce with buffalo mozzarella. It was gorgeous!
The next and final day, we hired bikes from the hostel and rode to the beautiful beach. We ate at a restaurant by the sea and just HAD to try Valencia's famous paella, which didn't disappoint. An excellent finish to an excellent trip! :)

And ended with a Peppa Pig biscuit :P

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