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After visiting family and friends in England during Christmas, where we wrapped ourselves in duvet-igloos and cozied-up next to the fire, our hands cradling hot chocolates, it was nice to return to the glorious Spanish Sun.

But it seemed, no sooner than we touched down on Spanish land, we were craving all things British once more and the first meal on the cards for that night was a roast dinner! As if we hadn't had enough of them over the past 2 weeks! Pfftt...We hunted down the ingredients in the local supermarket then hauled them home and began the preparations, a few hours later and voila!!

On our first proper day back, we travelled to Los Alcazares and, a little bit disappointed that I missed out on a good Ol' Wetherspoons burger whilst back in England, I was excited to find a little English restaurant, nestled in the main square which served up THIS... It defo soothed my burger craving.

I know, I know, I know...burgers in Spain?! ...But it was totes worth it!!
It seemed ALL we wanted and missed was food, the next day we went to a nearby shopping mall, which more importantly, was home to the all you can eat Italian buffet! We stuffed ourselves to the brim with plate after plate of pasta, pizza, meat, vegetables, ice cream, profiteroles, cakes, wine and beer then waddled back home with satisfied, full bellies afterwards!

Someone getting protective over their desserts haha!

On the final day before we started back at work, we had a stroll around a few of the main squares in the lazy, fading sun. We settled in a cosy café and lapped up the last few drops of the sun whilst indulging in churros con! A thick hot chocolate, almost like pure melted chocolate, is a traditional Spanish treat, served with churros which are thin, sticks of doughnut more or less. It's hard to find a café which gets them just right (and believe me, I've made it my mission to try them all!!) sometimes the chocolate's too watery or too bitter and the churros are too crunchy, or too doughy....These lot however were perfection! The churros were nice and light, airy and soft, cooked to a golden perfection then lightly dusted in sugar accompanied by a devilishly thick and luxurious chocolate. Heaven!

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