Saturday Fun in Paris


After working on Saturday morning, we both wanted to make the most of the rest of the day so headed out with not much of a plan...always the best plans!
I grabbed my postcards on the way out and finally managed to post them home after being here for over a month now! Oops...

We jumped, or should I say crammed onto a metro from Bastille and admired the wall art as we waited. I love it when they look pretty instead of wires hanging from the ceiling with suspicious leaks and scary inhabitants.

The great thing about Paris is that it genuinely is so pretty and there's always somewhere cute to just sit down and watch the world go by. Paris is definitely one of those cities which is romanticized as being 100% just so, and therefore it has a lot to live up to and you might think that although in idealistic pictures that's how Paris looks, in reality it can't actually be all croissants and cute patisseries, cafe's and cobbled streets, baguettes, wine and cheese ...but it really is! And it's not the fake, forced, touristy ideal of Paris either, it seems that the further you stray from the typical touristy hangouts, the more truly Parisian it gets. You may be screaming 'Obviously!!' at the screen, but from my experience of travelling, sometimes a place can be bigged up so much that when you get there it's a complete let down!

It was a beautifully crisp Autumn day with the sun bathing down and warming our faces...My favourite!

 I'm not a coffee-drinker so rarely venture into the usual coffee-lover haunts such as Starbucks, Costa or Nero but my boyfriend on the other hand, loves it so of course it's safe to say I'm dragged along on the odd occasion, often in return for him accompanying me shopping!

I went for a mango passion frappe which will probably be the last opportunity to enjoy a nice cold drink outside before the Winter months really start to kick in.

Snuggled up outside in Starbucks with a drink and writing = the best thing ever!

After another little walk around, we headed home for lunch (yummy omelettes) then as evening approached, we went out again to have a wonder round the Notre Dame area.

We came out of a different metro exit than where we normally come out and were welcomed by this giant beauty.

I can't get enough of the macarons!!

Feast your eyes on those glorious work of chocolate art!!

Oh yum yum yummy yum! Paris is so mean, why does it have to offer so much delicious looking food which I most definitely cannot eat/ afford all of!

This area is amazing for Greek food especially so we grabbed a gyros and baklava then headed down to eat by the river! ^.^

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