Dorset Part 2- BBQ's, Seaside and more Food


We enjoyed lots of cute BBQ's in Ian's Mums' lovely garden! 

Yummy chorizo burgers sizzling away on the BBQ

And thankfully we got to enjoy a few gorgeous days of beautiful sunshine! So naturally we tried to make the most of ALL the beaches! :D 

Look at the crystal clear, blue sea! <3

Ian went for a quick dip whilst the sausages cooked on the Barby! 

This beach had ferocious waves and we ended up getting DRENCHED! 

And of course, how could we forget the fish and chips (or pie and chips) ...and curry sauce! (Ew!)

Whilst over-looking this beauty.

We also went to a local cider festival! The day before I'd just discovered the greatness which is KOPPERBURG so naturally classed myself as a cider connoisseur...only to be greatly disappointed by the ciders which they had on offer!

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