Dorset Part 1- Cream teas, Fish and Chips and Ice Cream!


After spending the year in Spain lazing on beautiful beaches with sangria in hand... until the heat became unbearable and 'somewhat-cool' showers became the highlights of the day, it was glorious to return to England. I'd never underestimated how luxurious it is to be able to walk around without instantly breaking out into a chronic sweat!
I spent a few days up North, then headed down South to see my boyfriend who comes from Dorset. Before my 439864 hour journey (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little) my Mum and I had breakfast at M&S cafe which was so yummy and cute!

I spent the majority of my journey on the train admiring the stunning views with butterflies in my tummy, filled with excitement to see my boyfriend who I hadn't seen in almost 2 months! I finally arrived in a gloriously sunny Weymouth!
After millions of cuddles and snuggles my priority soon turned cream! It is no word of a lie to say that I have literally waited a whole year for toffee fudge fiasco ice cream ^.^

What better way to start a seaside break than with an ice cream on the beach?! It's what dreams are made of! I sat contently licking my ice cream with the sand beneath my feet, my boyfriend by my side and a gorgeous view in front and felt so happy!

With England being England, it wasn't long before the threatening clouds descended and we caught the bus home. That evening we treated ourselves to FISH AND CHIPS (my fave!!)

Of course I only remembered to take a picture when we were about half way through and Ian refused to wait for me so by the time my camera was back in its' bag, there were only a few chips left! :(
Although, the amazing view more than made up for it...

The weather during the whole trip was hit and miss, resulting in a mish-mash of hopeful bikini wearing, paired with coat-cluching and umbrella packing (just in case) ;)
We went to the pub to watch the Liverpool V Stoke match and with me being a Stoke fan and my boyfriend supporting Liverpool, we were both excited!
Liverpool won.....(awks!)

We went for quite a few walks round the area and saw some incredible views!

...The majority of which, were finished off with either a cream tea...(my new most favorite thing in the world!)

...or fish and chips by the harbour!

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