Boat Party along the River Seine, Notre Dame, Parks and Too Much Champagne


Last weekend, Ian and I were invited to a boat party along the river Seine. We were given unlimited champagne, of which we took full advantage of..and equally felt the full effects of, the following day!

It was a great opportunity to meet other people who'll be living in Paris for the year and to also catch up with people who we'd already met! We were also offered a buffet but after a quick judge of what was to offer; the 3 different types of pastas didn't really make my taste buds water so decided to give that one a miss. Before the boat set off, we all mingled downstairs, then in a flurry of champagne, name exchanges and mixture of French and English, we made our way upstairs.

The atmosphere upstairs was amazing as everyone marveled at the monuments. Champagne in hand, we joined in with the throng of Eiffel Tower 'photo-takers'...Although it looks as though we were a little late to the party as it appears to be a tiny speck in the distance.

After a wizz up and down the Seine, the boat docked and as if by magic; the boat turned into a club with music blasting and drinks flowing.  We danced, sang and drank until we'd had enough then made our way back to catch the last metro home.

The next morning, we woke up late with soar heads and spent a good hour mustering up the energy to leave the comfy, cosy retreat of the bed. Eventually, after eating some breakfast we made our way out and went for a stroll along the river. (This time, the other end!) We bumped into the gorgeous Notre Dame and admired its' beauty.

Feeling significantly more human-like, we popped into a book shop, bought a selection then hopped on a metro to a nearby public garden and explored our way around. We found gorgeous little hidden fairy caves, lush gardens, babbling streams and even cute rowing boats!! 

I never realized that such places existed in Paris city center but I'm so glad that they do! I can't wait to go there for runs, picnics and Autumn/ soon to be Winter walks!

We walked around the lake before settling on a spot by the water side and both writing and reading a little until our beds and nap-time called and we headed home.

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  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I really want to go to day! Great post xx

    1. Thank you! Yes I did, you should definitely visit Paris, it's so beautiful! :) X

  2. Wow, what a beautiful experience, looks like you had such a lovely time!


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