On Friday morning we woke to the dreaded realisation that the alarm hadn't gone off and therefore we were going to have to rush like mad in order to make the bus to Granada! We ran back and forth, from room to room and through a flurry of clothes, bags, passports and keys we threw ourselves out the front door and hurried off to the bus station. Once on the bus, we relaxed into a tired state of slumber and before we knew it, we had arrived in a somewhat cold, cloudy but gorgeous Granada!

I'd like to say that we quickly found our hostel, and went off to explore the wonders of what this new city had to offer...but unfortunately, as hard as we tried we just could not find it at all, despite being armed with the address and directions! So...what do you do if you're homeless in a foreign city and have no idea what to do...why, go for food of course!!

After a sufficient belly-filling session, we continued on our hunt and eventually, after about 4 hours of looking (no word of a lie!) we found it. With no sign posts or even a sign outside the door, it was a wonder that we ever stumbled across it at all. Buried between the stacked small streets of Granada, piled upon the hill-side, our hostel nestled, hidden away from crazy tourists like ourselves.

By the time we arrived, we collapsed onto the poor excuse of a bed, threw our bags onto the dirty, uncleaned, never-seen-a-brush-let-alone-a-mop-before, floor then went on a brisk, excitement-fuelled exploration of the City and planned our next few days.

The next morning we caught a City tour bus/ tram, purely for the "hop on, hop off", transport factor, and we found a gorgeous little hang out with amazing views of The Alhambra and Sierra Nevada majestically glistening in the distance with a fair helping of snow dusting its' peaks.

Afterwards we shared some paella, sangria and beer then not long after, the day had gone.

The next day was the best; THE ALHAMBRA!!!

The Alhambra is absolutely incredible and it was amazing to visit, there's a constant flow of visual treats around every corner.
If you're planning on visiting Granada then make SURE you go to visit La Alhambra! But make sure that you either book tickets in advance or get there early because tickets sell out quickly and there's only a certain amount of people allowed in each day! 
You can buy tickets here:

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