Why I Found Happiness Abroad


Being English, I'm used to cold, gloomy, rainy days, trapped indoors like a prisoner; feeling as miserable as the weather. Don't get me wrong, I adore cozying up with a hot chocolate in front of the TV or whilst reading a good book, a burning fire warming your bones, crackling steadily in the background...and there's nothing better than waking up to a thick, white blanket of snow covering the ground and turning everything into a magical, Winter wonderland! But I have come to realise that enough is enough, there's only so many books you can read, TV shows and movies you can watch and logs you can burn before you long and crave for that thing called SUN...remember that??...

It's not just the weather which has enticed me to move abroad but the lifestyle which often accompanies it! Most people I know, work all year and indulge themselves with a 2 week holiday abroad and although it's only a minuscule amount of time in comparison to how many hours they've worked all year, the excitement and memories, which a fortnight away can bring, can last a lifetime! Now, what if that 'holiday feeling' and relaxed, carefree lifestyle could become your life? Perfect!

Of course, you can't spend your whole life living a holiday, staying at hotels and doing nothing but going to the beach and sampling new restaurants every day. But, living abroad you can do! And maybe, you should do! Right now I'm sat on the balcony of my flat writing this blog in a floaty, summer dress in the South of Spain, and yes it is only March! It's safe to say that I've definitely got that 'Summer feeling'; the cool breeze is gently brushing down the street whilst the sun steadily warms the clear, blue sky, with not one single cloud in sight. Now, tell me that doesn't make you want to jump on the next flight and leave the frozen depths of Britain behind!?
A lot of people dabble in the idea of emigrating, or even just buying a property abroad but are put off by various conundrums such as the risk and of course leaving behind family and friends...well this is where things have changed! Flight prices can cost as little as a good cut of beef from your local butchers and you can be in your destination quicker than it would take you to watch a double Corrie omnibus! Also, with Skype, Facetime, Snapchat etc. etc. etc it's now easier than ever to keep in touch, so you won't even feel like you're leaving people behind at all!
If you've got children it can seem like a lot of pressure to take them abroad to live, or even to buy a property abroad but it's also so beneficial for little ones! Children absorb information like sponges and there's no better stage to learn a language than infancy, equally there's no better way to learn a language, than being surrounded completely by it. I can't stress enough about how beneficial it is to be able to speak a foreign language! Finally, children make friends almost instantaneously wherever you take them so you don't need to worry about that either!!

If, on the other hand; you're young, carefree and sans famille then why not just jump on a flight and sort out the minor details of accommodation and a job when you arrive? I know it sounds unbelievably daunting and risky but, if you book a few nights into a hostel before you arrive, from there it's normally a breeze to find a place to rent in a matter of hours and it seems there's always a ton of English teaching jobs available wherever you go. If you just sort out a few minor details beforehand, it couldn't be easier!

So many of us will spend lifetimes complaining but how many of us will actually do something about it and change what they're not happy with?

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