La Manga


This weekend my parents came to visit my boyfriend and I in Spain and what better place to go than La Manga, which is just a trip down the road and surrounded on both sides by the gorgeous coast! We stayed at Hotel Servigroup Galua, which was incredible! On Friday, we explored Murcia city center then headed off to La Manga on Saturday morning. We arrived to this gorgeousness....

When we came to use the shower gels and moisturizers, we realized that they were all chocolate flavoured which added to the abundant, luxurious atmosphere of the room and surroundings.

No sooner had we checked out our new surroundings, lunch was served! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but luckily I remembered by dinner time.... 

So I managed to catch a few snaps of Sea Food heaven:

And of course I couldn't resist a sneak-peak of the desserts before I even started!

 The chef cooking away.

I had the most delicious steak and chips with an amazing cheesey, broccoli bake! I couldn't believe how tasty it was! It was cooked to perfection, slightly rare and I'm not ashamed to say that I went back for 2nds....and 3rds!!!
The chef cooked the meat right in front of you, so you could ask for it to be cooked exactly how you like it.

We attempted to burn off our food by exploring, swimming and playing bat and ball on the beach.

At night we lay on the beach under a blanket of stars and were lucky enough to see a shooting star, how magical ^.^

...but the next morning came too soon and pancakes were on the menu being freshly cooked, along with a massive selection of other food galore.

We stayed full-board at the hotel so got breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The hotel also had a gym and health & wellness center but unfortunately it wasn't included in the price. But not to worry, we had a great time making use of the swimming pool, table tennis and 3 second walk to the beach where we snorkeled for hours on end then dozed in the golden sand until food was served again. Bliss!
I can't wait to go back!

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