Leaving Paris


After just over 6 months of living in Paris, we both decided that we needed to escape the city for a while and instead opted for a new rural country setting for our next adventure. Before leaving the city of love, we had a couple of departing drinks (a pina colada for me and a beer for Ian.)


I'll miss Paris and will definitely return back soon. It's ideal to enjoy the city during a short break away but when you live there full-time it can get a bit much.

Our new 'home' greeted us with open arms; just what we needed! To breathe in the fresh air and calmness, you could feel the stressful remains of city life being blown away with each breath of the fresh, new air.Not far from Paris geographically but it feels a million miles away!

After leaving Paris, we both went back to England for about 2 weeks before heading down to London, where we stayed for the day and restlessly spent the night in a full-to-the-brim hostal before getting the bus back to Paris!! (The company we're working for organised the transport.) From Paris, we were picked up and driven to the countryside far from the city life we'd become accustomed to.

Unfortunately in the whirlwind of training, exams and our first few days in our new job, I forgot to take many pictures. It was amazing to see how rolling hills have replaced my surroundings of stacks and stacks of building which I became so accustomed to in Paris.

Just to put the cherry on the top, the company provided us with meals during our 2 days of training. On arrival we were served a starter or vegetable soup and croutons, followed by beef stew and mashed potato and a chocolate éclair. After 2 days of uninterrupted travelling, it's safe to say that it was more than appreciated! The next morning we were up early and had croissants and orange juice to start the day. At lunch we had baguettes filled with cheese and ham and for dinner we began with quiche lorraine and then on to pork with a delicious sauce and dauphinoise potatoes.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality)

For dessert we had apricot tart :P

For dinner on the last day we were treated to one of the most amazing burgers I've ever tasted (the pictures honestly don't do it justice!)

It was cooked to perfection...rare in the middle, it was incredible!!

To finish off, we had raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream.

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