Oh I do like to be beside the Sea


There's something so quaint and tranquil about living by the sea. I grew up in the English countryside, nestled by hills, far from the sea so when I do find myself beside the sea, I make sure to make the most of it. I appreciate the ferocious waves crashing onto the shore, the gentle lapping of  calmer tides against cooling sandy beaches which beg for your hands to sieve the golden grains through them. I watch in awe as the burning sun dips below the far away sea, leaving the last final embers to burn out in the sky; casting a magical sun set over the waters. I adore drifting off to sleep hearing the rumble of waves in the distance and there's nothing more delicious than cooling down in the ocean when the heat's getting a little too much.

Yesterday Ian and I went for a bike ride along the coast, we headed down a promising path and stumbled upon this great beach.
We walked along the dunes with great views over the beach below, in search for THE perfect picnic spot! We cosied into the dunes, which protected us from the unforgiving wind and spent a gorgeous afternoon together.

There's just something about being by the sea that relaxes me. It's amazing to see the dominant power and sheer strength of the waves as they crash violently against the rocks. (The pictures below were taken in the South of England).

 On the other hand, the sea can be a mass of twinkling little flecks dancing around as the waves glitter in the distance with the sun reflecting on the surface.

When the sky is clear blue, almost mirroring the ocean itself, it makes me feel like everything's good with the world! Looking out to the ocean and only being able to see as far as the horizon, leaving the rest to the imagination is a truly beautiful way of reminding ourselves just how small we are in comparison to the earth and that all our 'little' problems really are just that...little!

I've come to realise that I am most definitely happiest by the sea; my dream is to live in a quaint little fishing village one day and eat my weight in fish and chips.

There can't be much better than a BBQ on the beach, the sizzling sound and smell of meat being crisped on the barby as the fresh sea air wafts in with each wave. There's something so heavenly, yet so simple, about being able to go out with just a towel, swim suit and food and spending the day in absolute bliss in need of nothing else! It's how I dream of spending all my days!

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  1. amazing photos :)

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  2. These pictures are amazing! The beach is definitely a calming place to be! Where were the first few pictures at the beginning of the post taken?
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Thanks Aleeha :) they were taken on the West Coast of France. I'll be sure to check out your blog! X


  4. You have taken some beautiful photos and the ocean looks so majestic when the sky is that lovely clear blue :) I love being by the sea too!


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