Bonjour Paris!


I have finally arrived in Paris! After weeks of online job-searching and region scouring from a very hot, very humid Spain, I finally decided on Paris as my next destination as it seemed to offer the most job opportunities and's PARIS! How could you not?

I'd also been offered a job in Gap; a small town in the Hautes Alpes department, which looked so quaint, pretty and typically 'French' but I wanted somewhere more social, vibrant and fast-paced as I feel it's more suited to me right now. I hope to go to Gap someday but for now, my heart is set on Paris. I have to admit, making this decision was hard as it meant I had to start from the beginning on the job-hunt front and as for the accommodation, the less said about that, the better. Basically, it's very nearly impossible to find somewhere half decent which doesn't leave you bankrupt and there are a fleet of professional scammers who jump at every opportunity to swindle you out of as much as they can!

I arrived at Beauvais airport, took the bus to Paris center then almost broke my back trying to lug my suitcase up and down mountains of stairs on the metro (nope there were NO escalators) before eventually finding heaven in the form of a 6 bed dorm in a basic hostel which I'd booked for my first 5 nights, in the hope that I would've found somewhere permanent to stay by the end of it.

After my first house viewing I was a wreck! I dumped my case in my room, then went straight off to view a potential home and fell straight back down to Earth with a bump. An unused garage/ warehouse with a few mattresses on the ground in various positions to mimic a 'bedroom' really didn't do it for me! I hurried back to the hostel on the metro as darkness quickly approached and got quite flustered trying to work out how the metro even worked!! (Coming from the North of England, it really was alien to me!)

The next day I spent virtually the whole day searching for accommodation and organizing viewings before venturing out to get a glimpse of what Paris had to offer and stumbled upon this...

As I lazed on the lawns in front of the Sacre Coeur with a cheese and ham crepe in my hand I decided that perhaps I should set up residence right here.

Miraculously, I secured 4 interviews with Parisian families who all offered studios in exchange for 15 hours a week of childcare/ English teaching for their children. I was early to one of my interviews and wondered up the road and found the Moulin Rouge!! 

 I picked my family/ studio and settled into my new abode. My boyfriend and I were spending a small fortune on texts and phone calls between France and Spain and both of us were missing each other like mad so a few hours later and we were reunited in the city of love! We celebrated in true, French style by munching on baguette and cheeses, washed down with some cold, crisp cider in front of a French movie before visiting the amazing Eiffel tower as the lights began to twinkle. <3

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